Our next workshop if February 15-16, 2019 at The Montrose Center. We are accepting applications now.



Race relations. White privilege. LGBTQ rights. Islamophobia. Antisemitism. Gender inequality. Racial profiling. "Harmless" off-color jokes. Black Lives Matter versus All Lives Matter. School to prison pipelines. Personal responsibility versus institutional oppression. Bias. Prejudice. Discrimination. Aggression.

The Libra Project challenges college students to explore these issues - to get to know each other as people rather than stereotypes - and to understand how these issues play out in our communities.

Houston-area college students are invited to join our three-day summit to take deep dives into these topics through workshops and dialogue, so they can better understand themselves, each other and their complex communities. 

Students will network and build relationships while they develop leadership and communication skills to help them be more effective in on-campus activities and better prepared for post-college careers.